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7 Important Questions to Ask your Wedding Videographer

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Finding the perfect team to record your special day is a big decision.

With so many different wedding videographers available, all offering varying skills and expertise, it can feel like a whirlwind as you try and track down your ideal video production team.

At Ellis Gray Productions, we offer wedding videography in Staines and beyond and we love creating beautiful films of a couple’s wedding day.

If your wedding is on the horizon and you’re searching for the ideal team to film it, then it’s important you spend some time getting to know them.

With that in mind, here are seven questions to ask your potential video production team to make sure they’re the ideal pick for you.

Let’s take a look.

1. Have you Filmed Many Weddings Before?

Experience is key when it comes to wedding videos.

While everyone needs to start somewhere, and there can be some great up-and-coming videographers who will create stunning videos, if you’re looking for a safe bet, then it’s a good choice to go with a team that has done it all before.

Not only will you be choosing a team who has been there and done it when it comes to weddings, but you will also be able to look through plenty of previous work and make sure that the team you’re choosing can turn the image of the wedding video you have in your mind into a reality.

2. What about Photography?

Your wedding day is one of the most precious days of your life, and while catching it all on film is great, you will still want some snapshots to remember the special moments.

Not all video production teams come armed with photographers though, so it is always a good decision to ask first to see just what your videographers can offer.

If you are using a separate photographer, ask your videography team if they have ever worked with them before, as a good relationship could make a big difference.

Of course, your best bet is to choose a team that offers an all-around service and can do everything, such as Ellis Gray Productions, who can offer photography and even drone filming!

3. What will Happen on the Day?

On your wedding day, you want everything to run like clockwork, including the filming.

That’s why it’s a great idea to ask your team of wedding videographers what they plan to capture throughout the ceremony and beyond.

This is an important question, as all teams work in different days.

Do you want a team who will enjoy getting involved in the festivities, or one that you won’t even realise was there?

How do you want your arrival at the venue to be filmed, and don’t forget about the speeches and the first dance.

By discussing the methods of filming with your chosen team, you will be able to decide together on the best way to really make the film that you desire, so don’t be afraid to ask.

4. What Would you Say is Your Style?

Every couple is different.

Some couples may want a wedding video that contains no music, and that is in a classic style with long-lasting shots. Others may want something with short and snappy takes set to songs of their choice.

The venue, the couple, the music, all of these different choices mean that all wedding videos are different.

If you have a certain style in mind, it’s vital you pick a videography team that are comfortable filming in it.

Don’t be afraid to let the videographers know what you’re after and ask to see examples of previous work.

Style is a huge part of a video so if you can find a team who can prove straight away that they have what it takes to pull off the perfect wedding video for you, then it could be a great sign they’re the one.

5. How Long Will It Be Until I can See the Video?

No one wants to be waiting around for a long time to receive their wedding video.

An experienced wedding videography team will know roughly how long everything will take, including parts like editing and adding music.

When you ask this question, make sure you pay attention to the answer. A turnaround that is too quick may mean the team isn’t going to put enough work into the production stage. Too long and you may get anxious as you wait.

It takes a lot of work to turn a day of film into a short video, so allowing a month or two to get it prepared is normally about right.

6. Have you Worked in Similar Venues?

Barns, castles, back gardens, weddings and wedding parties can be held anywhere.

Each different location comes with different complexities when it comes to filming.

By asking your potential videographers if they have experience working in similar venues, you can gain a great insight into how they will work on your building.

Can they provide beautiful long-range shots of the church you’re getting married in? How will they ensure that the décor of your evening party comes across just as well in the video?

Wedding videographers need to be versatile, so asking if they have any experience of working in venues such as the one you’re getting married in could make a big difference in choosing the right team.

7. What’s Your Favourite Part of a Wedding Day?

Okay, so this isn’t really the question you need to ask, but it certainly won’t do any harm.

The point I’m trying to get across is that you need to get to know your videographer.

They’re going to be by your side on your special day so if you can find a team that you really get along with and who shares your passion for your big day, then you’re onto a winner.

Ask why they got into wedding videography and try and get to know the person who will be doing the filming.

This way, on the day, you will feel at ease discussing things with them and having them as a part of your big day.

Wedding Videography in Staines

If you’re based in Staines or the surrounding area and you’re looking to find a team to film your wedding day, then get in touch with Ellis Gray Productions today.

With plenty of experience in wedding videography, photography, and drone filming, we can ensure a high-quality film made just for you.

And if you want a sneak peek at some of our previous work, head on over to our dedicated wedding videography page now.

Whether just for a quick chat about what we can offer, or for a free, no-obligation quote, we’d love to speak with you.

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