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Golf is a scenic sport. 

Luscious greens spread across some of the most eye-catching locations in the world make golf one of the best sports to shoot.

But that doesn't mean it is without its difficulties. With hundreds of metres to cover, golf swings that take less than a second, and balls travelling at over 100 mph, having the right equipment and methods to get the perfect golf film is essential.

Our team here at Ellis Gray Productions specialise in golf videography and know just what it takes to capture a stunning round of golf.

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Our Golf Videos

England Men's Golf Team Video

We were delighted to get the chance to spend the day with the England men's golf team and film this short promo video.

We got plenty of great shots, with up-close clips of some of the shots, wider versions to show the whole swing, and some great behind the scenes shots in there as well.

We directed, filmed, and edited the whold video, adding music and graphics along the way.

Toppers Golf with Kieran Tierney

This was a really fun shoot, and we loved getting to work with Arsenal star Kieran Tierney as he appeared on Toppers Golf.

This shoot contained a bit of everything, from catching the two players chatting, to getting some stunning drone footage of the course, to filming each shot and monitoring the ball.

Keep an eye out for the brave photographer around the 4.50 mark!


Essex Golf Day

What You Get When You Choose Ellis Gray

Golf Videography

Our team are highly skilled in golf  videography and work with high-end equipment to produce the best quality content that is sure to always catch the action clearly.

Expert Editing

Editing is the longest part of the production process (and the most complicated). Luckily, we have an editor with over 15 years of experience and a great eye for detail who can make your golf video look and sound amazing.

Sports Filming Experience

We come packed with experience in the sports filming industry, and have created videos for not just golf, but also football, rugby, athletics, and more.


Our team of photographers have experience within sports and use the latest technology and methods to ensure perfect golf pictures every time.

Golf Course Drone Videos

We have a team of qualified UAV Drone pilots ready to take your video to new and exciting heights and showcase the course you're on and the shots you're taking.


This service always depends on the flight paths and permission within the local area.

A Friendly Team

We are a small, friendly team, who love nothing more than getting to know you, your ideas, and helping you bring them to life.


What Our Clients Say

Andrea Miller

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Professional, Friendly, and Creative we could not recommend Ellis Gray Productions enough.

The footage they created was amazing and enables us to share our product with our potential clients to ensure they have a true vision of our product which is captured in the most unique and clever way!

Whether looking for golf swing videos, golf tuition videos, or promotional videos, get in touch with our team today.
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